My name is Marian Haarink-Getkate.
I have been making teddy bears for a lot of years now.
I give weekend workshops to small groups of bear-lovers in a small village in Twente (NL).
I am not new to teaching: I have worked with primary-school infants for 30 years. For the last years, however, I have devoted my time and energy to making mini-bears.

I prefer to use a wide variety of materials in my bears, as this enables greater expression. The most important aspect is the form; a bead often suffices as a finishing touch.

That this is a good approach is supported by my being nominated for several competitions for mini-bears.
I visit many Bear-fairs in Europe to show and sell my bears.
At competitions for mini-bears I got a lot of nominations. Click for more information on the link.

beargreetings "Marian-Bear"



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