November 2001

This month Anna Koetse meets Dutch artist Marianne Haarink

In the east of Holland Marianne Haarink works as a remedial teacher at an elementary school and in her spare time she is addicted to making bears.

"I regularly attend Teddy Baer Total in Germany, and for the last three years I have received a nomination for one of my designs," reveals Marianne. This March she enjoyed a break at a farm house in Austria. It was here that Marianne's beautiful Tirolic bears were born. "The living room where we stayed housed a traditional tile stove and it was here that I sat and sewed these little teddies," she recalls.

Marianne set her bears in a piece of firewood and this completed her wonderful creation. The piece was entered for the Golden George award in Germany, and fortunately for Marianne it received a nomination.

To see more of Marianne's bears visit the website

The 2002 Teddy Baer Total show will be moved to Munster and will take place on the 27-28th April. To find out more visit

Another popular teddy bear show will take place in the Castle of Zeist (near Utrecht in the heart of Holland) on the 26th December 2001. For more information

'Till next time

Anna Koetse


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