Teddy-Bär-Total 2000

29 and 30 april, 2000.

Marianbear: Marian nominatie

Marianbear: Marian nominatie

For the second time, I tried my luck in the Teddy-Bär-Total competition in Hennef, near Cologne, the world’s largest teddy-bear exhibition.

On Friday though, as I prepared for the show by placing my stalwart ‘hedgehog’ bear family on a piece of tree bark, I suddenly lost my nerve. There they stood, looking rather insignificant in comparison to a huge castle, a bear tree, a cake made from at least 20 bears, and various zoo tableaux. They peered pathetically at me from their corner as if to say: "You’re not really going to subject us to this, are you?"

Marianbear: Marian nominatie                       Marianbear: Marian nominatie                   Marianbear: Marian nominatie

My own expectations were zilch. Imagine my unparalleled delight when, the next morning, I saw a blue pennant hanging beside my entry. And the bears looked on me with pride, saying: "The jury noticed us, we have a ‘Nominierung!’"

How wonderful and exciting it was to stand alongside other nominees on the ‘Goldene George’ stage at the gala that Saturday evening.

Judith Snog won the Golden George for her polar bears in a Plexiglas basin. It was a well-deserved award for her splendid creation with great little polar bears.

Dutch bear makers were nominated in several categories. When you realise that all the big names were listed, we have every reason to be proud of ourselves! As I was picking up my little bears afterwards, I was even paid a compliment by a competitor from Singapore, which is also something to be proud of.

"Marian Bear"
Marian Haarink-Getkate

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